Regulation and travel conditions


In these Conditions, except where the context otherwise requires or where it is otherwise expressly provided, the following expressions have the meanings respectively assigned to them, that is to say:

“Shuttle Italy Airport” means the service provided by the VIP S.r.l.
“Passenger” means any person, except members of the crew, carried or to be carried in a Shuttle Italy Airport bus with our consent.
“Shuttle” means any vehicles, used by VIP S.r.l. to cover the journey Rimini-Bologna Airport-Padua-Venice Airport and back, plus all the other connections offered by Vip S.r.l.



Boarding and alighting from buses must take place exclusively at authorized stops along the route of the line to bus stop. If the stop is required, the passenger must report in time the intention to get on or off the bus: for the hill with its presence at the stops, for the descent by announcing it promptly to the driver. It is not permitted to hill on the bus if it has already reached the maximum total number of travelers expected from the registration certificate of the vehicle.



To access on board the passenger must be in possession of a valid travel document approved by the Company through the website, purchased at authorized dealers or directly by train crews. The travel document must be kept intact and recognizable throughout the trip having value of receipt. Passengers must present at the boarding point at least 5 minutes before the scheduled departure time, otherwise the passenger can be considered absent and the place assigned to another applicant. Tickets purchased, though not validated, are non-refundable. Tickets change request have to be done through call or email for the combined option ( Shuttle + Taxi) with at least 48 hours advance on the departure , for the direct route ( Shuttle ) with at least 3 hours before the departure. The validated ticket is personal and not transferable. Tickets bought with discounted fares (paid less than 22,00 euro)cannot be modified in date or time. Travelers are required to present the travel document for each check carried out by the staff of the company VIP S.r.l. In the event of interrupted travel, due to force majeure or delay for any reason that occurred, no refund is not permitted by the company in any capacity required. It is, however, guaranteed the achievement of the final destination of the trip. In the case of travel not carried out due to the fault of the carrier determines that a refund to the passenger only covers the value of the part of the journey not made. Carrier assumes no responsability for lost or stolen ticket.



The traveler must respect the provisions contained in Art. 172 C.d.S. (amended by Legislative Decree No. 150 of 3/13/06 implementing Directive 2003/20/EC) relating to compulsory use of safety belts and restraint systems for children in vehicles. The traveler is then obliged to fasten its seat belt when the place was provided as instructed by the pictograms affixed on each seat or on the glass or adequate information provided by the driver, by the ticket seller or with Visual AIDS. In case of non-compliance the violator responds personally, and in the case of children the person in charge is the accompanist. Vehicles registered before 2000 are exempted from the obligation of seat belts, if the same shall be used.



Children from 0 to 4 years (years of age) accompanied by 1 adult does not pay. From 5 to 10 years pays discounted rates. More than 10 years pay full price. Children under 16 are admitted on board only accompanied by an adult during the entire trip. For teenagers between 16 and 18 years must be issued a written authorization from their parents.



It is admitted the transport of pets to which has been applied a device designed to render them harmless (muzzle, leash, cages, boxes, etc.). It is the responsibility of guardian prevent the animal go up on the seats, defiling or deteriorate the car or bring harm to our community. If this happens, the accompanying person is obliged to claim damages. For all pets must be purchased a ticket, one way, at the rate in force at the time of transport. Guide dogs for the blind are accepted for carriage free of charge even without muzzle and regardless of size. The transport of animals, except guide dogs, may be rejected if they are not complied with the conditions of carriage mentioned above or in the case of crowding on the bus.



Transporting a hand luggage plus a cabin registered luggage per person is included in the price of the ticket issued. In case of particularly bulky baggage or sports equipment (such as bicycles, surfboard …) will be charged a regular fare ticket in addition. For each checked-in baggage in addition to the first will be charged an extra ticket. The baggage is covered by an insurance policy against damage during the trip for reasons attributable to the carrier and not for subjective reasons of insufficient protections and/or missing goods contained therein for which conditions are suitable forms of enclosures.
Any objects that do not fit in the overhead luggage rack inside the bus must be placed in the exterior luggage hold. We suggest passengers keep their valuable items with them, such as cameras, computers, money, jewelry, etc. and not in the luggage hold in order to avoid unpleasant incidents which the company is not liable for. Passengers should constantly monitor their luggage both while waiting for the bus and during luggage loading and unloading. We therefore recommend passengers do not get on the vehicle until the luggage hold has been closed, thus avoiding any inconvenience or unpleasant situations which the company is not liable for.

Are excluded from carriage packing of dangerous goods and harmful substances and flammable materials. In case of lost or damage baggage charges only, due to carrier, apply art. 2 of the Act 8/22/85 n. 450 fixing the amount of compensation at € 6.20 per kg with a maximum limit of € 103.29 per bag. The loss or damage must be made to ascertain, under penalty of forfeiture, at the time of delivery; at the same time as the claim must be accompanied by a copy of the transport document. All additional baggage can be transported only if there are no available capacity in the bus. The carrier does not perform only transport luggage.



It is forbidden to the traveler: smoking (law n° 584/75), to keep overtly harassing behavior ; occupy more than one seat and stand down the hallway or near the doors while bus’s movement; advertising and commercial activities without the consent of the company; of soiling, spoiling or broke bus equipment or parts; getting into the car while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs; to use without need the emergency control of opening of doors; travelers must also heed warnings, invitations and company staff adopted provisions for safety and regularity of service. Travelers must always occupy all seats until there is availability and remain seated for the duration of your trip until the bus has stopped. The company declines any liability for accidents suffered by travelers who have not followed the above requirements.



Timetables may change even during their period of validity. Any changes will be communicated by affixing notices, on the website and at the stops. The travel times indicated on the brochure or on the website are tested in regular traffic conditions. We kindly invite our customers to take into consideration tolerance times useful for boarding operations of flights , especially on weekends or during various popular events (Festivals, fairs…)or unforeseen events (traffic jams , strikes..)that , not due to our responsibility , may cause delay, in those cases costumers are not eligible for a refund. Claims are only accepted when the service is cancelled without prior notice or when there are delays attributable to the company, which constitute a serious and proven harm to the customer:

In particular: a) if service is effected or interrupted due to the failure of a motor vehicle, for a period of time where there are no other races on the line or not an alternative service within 60 minutes travel time fail; b) In case of blocks on the highway A14 and the Bologna’s beltway (the bus driver will only be able to alternate the itinerary with the prior authorization of a manager).



The traveler does not regulate valid travel document is subject to the payment of the administrative penalty with a minimum of € 100. The traveler who contravene the rules referred to in paragraph “rules of conduct”, it may not be accepted in the car or can be done off the bus before the end of the trip, by the staff of the company, without prejudice to any further prosecution.



For complaints in the event of a dispute, the traveler can send its alerts to the following address e-mail within 7 working days:



For any disputes concerning the enforcement of prescribed conditions shall be submitted exclusively to the Court of Rimini.